Advanced Technology

We invest in advanced dental technology to give our patients a better overall dental experience! For a more accurate diagnosis and quicker treatment time, our team stays up-to-date on the best tools for your smile. We want every patient in New Milford, CT to receive comfortable and convenient treatment with the help of advanced dentistry. Digital x-rays, our intraoral scanner and panoramic x-rays are a few of the tools we use to care for your smile.

Digital X-Rays

Decay, developmental issues, misalignment, tumors, cysts, bone loss and infection can all be caught by high-quality digital imaging. When our dentist is able to track these problems, it can help prevent them into more serious issues. Digital x-rays not only provide detailed images, they are also safer for patients and the environment. When compared with traditional x-rays, digital imaging reduces exposure to radiation by 90 percent! Digital x-rays provide a safer way to take a close look at your smile.

Intraoral Scanner

With intraoral cameras, our dentist can take a closer look at a patient’s mouth, teeth and gums. The intraoral scanner is much like an oversized pen. Because of its small size, the camera can take photos from many different angles. This helps prevent our dentist from missing details that may be otherwise overlooked. The photos are clearly defined in color, to help pick up additional information. The photos can also be easily shared with our patients. This helps patients become a part of the treatment process, so they can feel more informed and confident in their dental care.

Panoramic X-Rays

Panoramic x-rays are unlike traditional x-rays. While traditional x-rays show the teeth and jawbone from limited snapshots, our x-ray machines show the full dental arches. In addition to the upper and lower teeth, our dentist can also examine the upper and lower jawbone, as well as the neighboring maxillofacial bones. Detailed imaging helps our practice better investigate and diagnose dental issues. They can also help plan more effective treatments for patients.

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